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The Latest At The Oslo Collection

Moldova: Olia Sunstroke 2017 updated ***  France: Jessy #1, Elektro Soukouss, remix 2014  *** Poland: versions updated *** IsraelMilim versions sorted (again) *** Greece: Opa Remixes, best of, hell mix *** Serbia: Oye Balkañeros! Gypsy Kings meet Bregovic for coverversion *** Germany2011: new live Satellite, 2012: Casanovas cover *** Netherlands: Sha La Lie , Swiss Mundart coverversion by Jessica Ming*** Iceland: Club Mixes + CatCat finally release Finnish cover of Hera Björk song ***  Finland updates on remix release *** Turkey: maNga 2012 album, new acoustic version ***  Azerbaijan: Tripf Tropf coverversion ***   Denmark more coverversions ***  Belgium: 1 year later Tom Dice in French charts ***
Sweden: Coverversion by Dynazty *** Latvia Finnish cover version *** Lithuania: Inculto CD and new remix ***     Macedonia: Coverversion! + Billy Zver album ***  Ireland: Afrikaans/Zulu cover *** United Kingdom: Almighty Club Cover, We Love SAW ***    Russia: Listen to Nalitch album and Pay for it! *** Norway: Didriks Guilty Pleasures*** Slovakia: Kristina new album *** 2011 The Düsseldorf Collection launched ***  Romania: Make Your Own remix  ***   Intervalact Madcon cdsingle out now *** Croatia: English album out now ***   
Azerbaijan: Safura single, album out now *** Slovenia: Album out now *** Estonia: Album out now *** 
Spain CD, Swing Jazz version ***  Georgia  Sofia cdsingle ***   Cyprus: cdsingle *** Armenia: remix, website *** Ukraine: Alyosha's mission ***  Bosnia-Hercegovina: download ESC version *** Albania: promo info ***  
 Portugal: website, listen x2 ***   Belarus: tracklist, website *** ***  Karaoke versions out now ***    ***   Bulgaria updates *** Eurosong News Handbook out now *** Sweden: Remixes, signing tour, gold album ***  Malta: cdsingle out now! ***
Switzerland: cdsingle out now, English and German versions ***

Special thanks to Bea De Vrind, Rick Veldhuijsen and the readers, artists, broadcasters and recordcompanies who supplied information and material. Special thanks to Lior for the many updates and corrections.

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Your Guide To The Oslo Collection

2010: The Oslo Collection
Welcome to the the Oslo Collection, the page for all release information on the songs of the 2010 Eurovision.
Check Back regularly for daily updates on the records and recordings of this years entrants.
If you have any news or Eurovision 2010 site drop me an e-mail here. Or feel free to leave a comment.
The latest news in each section is marked update.

The official 2CD is out now.
The versions marked ♫ are on the compilation.
Who is in and who is out?
39 countries were present in the Oslo Eurovision Song Contest.
Georgia is back after last years Put In/ Butt Out debacle.
Andorra, Montenegro, the Czech Republic and Hungary have opted out for this edition.
And the usual absentees are still absent, nuff said.
The 2010 Eurovision final was on the 29th of May, with the semifinals on the 25th and 27th.
source: http://www.eurovision.tv/
Remember Moscow 2009?All info on the tracks that made last years Eurovision such a scorcher can still be found at The Moscow Collection.
The Oslo Collection is basically the same, all details will be collected by country, with as many picture sleeves and relevant links as possible.
You'll also find out where to shop and how the hits are faring in the charts.

The Oslo Collection is brought to you by The Eurovision Collectors Guide. Please feel free to use any of the information gathered here, however, a link to The Oslo Collection would be appreciated.

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Semi Final 1 - May 25
Moldova - Russia - Estonia - Slovakia - Finland - Latvia - Serbia - Bosnia-Hercegovina - Poland - Belgium - Malta - Albania - Greece - Portugal - Macedonia (f.y.r.)- Belarus - Iceland

Semi Final 2 - May 27
Lithuania - Armenia - Israel - Denmark - Switzerland - Sweden -Azerbaijan - Ukraine - Netherlands - Romania - Slovenia - Ireland - Bulgaria - Cyprus - Croatia - Georgia - Turkey

Final - May 29
Spain - Norway - United Kingdom- France - Germany

Other Oslo News
Official CD DVD, karaoke - Oslo Handbook - Moscow 2009, Eurovision Collectors guide

1 Germany - Satellite - Lena Meyer-Landrut

1 - 246 pts / not in semi
Lena Meyer Landrut won the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with Satellite. Congratulations Lena and Congratulations Germany. 

Germany selected their Eurovision winner in a talent show Unser Star für Oslo . The Stefan Raab masterminded selection was a co-operation between ARD and Pro7.
In the final 18 year old Lena Meyer-Landrut won with the song Satellite.
Watch the video of Satelite and the other finalists here at ARD.

The German cdsingle is out since March 16. It includes all three tracks Lena sung in the German final.
Love Me, the winner Satellite and Bee.Universal (7 360 584)
Buy Lena at BeaRecords
Satellite is released in Sweden digitally 18/4 (Lionheart) and in most territories after the victory.

A new cdsingle is released in several European countries. it has two tracks: Satellite and Love Me. (Universal 2744726)
Lena at BeaRecords

Lena's debut album is out now.
It's titled My Cassette Player, and features Satellite, Bee and Love Me and 10 other tracks.
A deluxe editio has a DVD with the Satellite video and a documentary Unser Star In Oslo.
Digital releases through Amazon.de and iTunes feature a different bonus track each.
The album is a #1 in Germany and #3 in both Austria and Switzerland.
For promotion in Oslo the album in a press folder was used.

August 18 is the release date of a Lena DVD tracking her road to Eurovision stardom. The 36 minute documentary is called Lena - Das Geheimnis Ihres Erfolges (HHE International)

Platinum Edition
Lena's album My Cassette Player is re-issued with a bonus DVD including a documentary and videoclips of Satellite and Touch A New Day.
The CD also features two extra tracks: We Çan't Go On and New Shoes.

Recordbreaking charts
Lena's songs top all kind of download charts already and her Satellite is said to be the most downloaded song in Europe in the weekend after her national victory.
Satellite by Lena enters the official German charts at #1, the version by Jennifer Braun opens at #32. The other national final songs also enter the top 100, with Lena being at 1, 3 and 4 in the first week on charts. She also enters the top 10 of the Swiss and Austrian charts.
Lena enters the Swedish top 60 at 41 in the week just before the Eurovision final.
In week 1 2010 Satellite re-enters the German top 100.

The opening act of the Düsseldorf contest is a Rockabilly version of Satellite by Stefan Raab (host and Lena's mentor) with an appearance by Lena herself. The track is for sale at the usual digital sources.
In the German charts: 24, 66, -

A live version of Satellite is released in September 2011 on the Platinum Edition of Lena's Good News album. It also includes live and studio versions of her 2011 entry Taken By A Stranger. More info here.

Germany top 100: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 5, 7, 1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 17, 17, 19, 20, 20, 23, 37, 43, 56, 64, 62, 63, 67, 81, 79, 83, 90, 98, - re-entry january 2011: 91, 67, 59, 91, - re-entry february 2011: 82, -, 86, - May: 93
Switzerland top 75: 10, 9, 8, 5, 2, 4, 4, 4, 8, 6, 7, 1, 4, 8, 15, 20, 22, 30, 32, 49, -
Austria top 75: 9, 8, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 3, 8, 9, 16, 19, 23, 31, 38, 43, 62, 59, -
Sweden top 60: 41, 1, 1, 1, 5, 4, 4, 10, 13, 12, 10, 12, 20, 25, 32, 30, 36, -, 50, -
Before the contest Satellite also charts in various radio charts in Turkey, Hungary, Lithuania and the Czech Republic and is a #1 on the Luxembourg download charts.
Norway top 20: 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 5, 6, 7, 5, 5, 12, 15, 18, -
Belgium FL top 50: 4, 4, 5, 6, 11, 11, 16, 17, 21, 29, 31, 49, -
Belgium WA top 40: 12, 6, 24, 22, 38, -
Finland top 20: 1, 1, 5, 7, 10, 14, 15, -
Denmark top 40: 2, 1, 8, 8, 19, 23, 24, -, 24, 19, 23, -
Ireland top 50: 2, 8, 27, 35, 45, -
Spain top 50: 35, 23, -
Netherlands top 100: 5, 32, 62, 62, 84, 78, 80, 95, 100, -
U.K. top 100: 40, 59, 95, -
Australia top 50: 37, -
Post Eurovision Lena's Satellite also hits various airplay charts in Estonia, Latvia and Poland

- Special Thanks to Nico Gössel and Universal music.

Satellite is also recorded by Jennifer Braun, the other contestant in the USFO final.
Jennifers slower version of Satellite is out on cdsingle (Universal 7 384 610). Leadtrack is I Care For You, one of Jennifers songs in the final, followed by Bee and Satellite.

Satellite is written by Julie Frost and John Gordon. Songwriting credits include tracks for Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Estonian Eestilaul/goth superstar Kerli.
John Gordon has also worked with Eurovision artists Katrina and The Waves (U.K. 1997) and Simon Matthew (Denmark 2008)

update A finnish version of Satellite is recorded by Charlotte Kero. It's her debut release and in Finnish it's called Kiertokuu. If you want to listen before you buy, check out the IVK Music Youtube Channel,
The digital release is available at netAntilla (Finland only), hopefully more release info later.
Charlotte Kero info at IVK Music.

Student band Uwu Lena have recorded a World Cup version Schland O Schland. After initial objections the version is released on the USFO label (Universal). The cdsingle has one version plus the videoclip.
Uwu Lena's version is already copied by the likes of Lena Total, Sieger Der Herzen, Die Ballzauberer, Schmand and Vuvuzela. Some are just the same version under a different guise. See below Health Warning for more info.
Schland O Schland enters the German top 100 at #4, to 5, 5, 14
A coverversion for the kids is released on the CD Kids Party Shake vol. 2. The Countdown Kids do Lena's song alongside songs about Pippi, Smurfs and Sesame street and a very familiar track about Pinguins: Le Papa Pingouin from the 1980 Eurovision (Luxembourg, Sophie and Magaly).

Medlz (pic right) are a German a-capella group who have inculded quite a nice version of Satellite on their album Unsere Zeit.
Medlz website 

A techno version of Satellite is recorded by Katja. A digital release includes 7 mixes of the song and is at least a bit different from most xerox copies. It's out through Mega Anthems and available at most digital outlets.

Update 2012: Swedish dansband Casanovas have recorded a jazzy schlager version of Satellite for their 2012 CD Livet Börjar Nu! The albums also includes a more rock-schlager coverversion of the Hungarian 2011 entry What About My Dreams.
In 2011 they released a live album which includes a coverversion of Danish entry In A Moment Like This. This album is only available through their website and at concerts.
Special thanks to Dominique.

Health Warning
An even more anonymous copy by the Eurosingers* can be found on Grand Prix - Greatest hits, a digital collection that features useless covers of 33 Eurovision hits incl. Fairytale, Waterloo, Diva, Nocturne, I Wanna and A Ba Ni Bi (to name a few) (CHV Music factory).
This lame copy of Satellite appears on many digital compilations under various names (Star Of Oslo to name just one)*. Mostly Football hits and Work-out albums. .
It is a very crappy attempt of picking peoples pockets and a good example of how sick the music industry is. There, I said it. This version is available at Amazon digital.
Then there's Ruth Lena Landgraf, which, judging by the name, should be a parody, but it isn't. It's another digitally sold shameless copy.
An equally aaaargh version is by Tiffany. It is a different recording from above, but it appears on various compilations ranging from Mallorca Giganten, Spring Break Hits and Halli Galli Vollgas Ekstase Party (who makes this up?). Avoid.

German Eurovision #1 hits
Satellite may be breaking all kind of records, but some have gone before Lena in the German charts. Here's a list of the German entries that went #1 in the home charts.
1962 - Zwei kleine Italiener - Conny - 28 weeks on chart
1979 - Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan - 29 w.o.c.
1982 - Ein bisschen Frieden - Nicole - 26 w.o.c.
2004 - Can't wait until tonight - Max - 18 w.o.c.
2006 - No no never - Texas Lightning - 34 w.o.c.

Lena's website
USFO pages with loads of videos
Germany in 2009 - Alex Swings, Oscar Sings

2 Turkey - We Could Be The Same - maNga

2 - 170 pts / 1 - 118 pts in semi 2
maNga represented Turkey in Oslo with the song We Could Be The Same which was first revealed on March 3. A Turkish version is also recorded, but so far it remains unreleased.
The song is written by Ferman Akgül (singer of maNga), Evren Özdemir and Fiona Movery Akinci.
You can now download We Could Be The Same at maNga's website. The d/l link is at the end of this article.

We Could Be The Same is out now in the Turkish shops. The 5 track cdsingle includes 5 versions of the song. Next to the Brussels, Istanbul and Stockholm versions (see below) there's two remixes.
The cds also includes the videoclip directed by Gurcan Keltek. It's out on GRGDN records (through Sony).
Now available at BeaRecords. (GRGDNCD0001/ 5060474)

maNga's promo cdsingle features three versions of the song. The Brussels version is mixed by Belgian producer Hans Francken. The Istanbul version is the original version. The third version is produced by Svante Halldin and Jakob Hazell.
Instrumentals of all three are also included. The promo set also includes a DVD with video and info.

Update 2012: E-Akustik
Manga have released a new album in March 2012 titled E-Akustik (GRGDN records 5541375).  We Could Be The Same is included in a new acoustic version. Although the title may give the impression that all songs are quiet unplugged affairs, some are still pretty loud.

Sweden top 60: 29, 44, -
Switzerland top 75: 56, -

- versions -
We Could Be The Same - Brussels
We Could Be The Same - Istanbul ♫
We Could Be The Same - Stockholm
We Could Be The Same - Gooseflesh radio edit
We Could Be The Same - Gooseflesh extended
- plus instrumentals of the first three
We Could Be The Same - Acoustic 2012 version
on CD E-Akoustik

Listen to the song at the maNga homepage
maNga Myspace
The video and other maNga stuff is at TRT's Eurovisionpages (Turkish and English)
Turkey in 2009

3 Romania - Playing With Fire - Paula Seling & Ovi

3 - 162 pts / 04 - 104 pts in semi 2
Paula Seling and Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu (Ovi Martin) won the Romanian final with the song Playing With Fire. The song is written by Ovi.
Paula Seling had two songs in the final, the other being It's Not Too Late a duet with Kamara Ghedi. You can listen to both at Paula Selings website.
A and A records (Warner) have releasedan album Playing With Fire with the Eurovision entry, two remixes and four solo tracks by Paula and Ovi each.
A promo cdsingle has the ESC entry plus 2 solo tracks by each performer.
Another promo from Finland has Radio version, Fly DJ's remix, Singback (Karaoke) and Instrumental (AXR Music AXRPR 118)

An odd release is the new Make Your Own Remix kit of Playing With Fire. It has 7 basic tracks to make your own remix. It's for sale at iTunes, e-music but at the price it's sold for and considering you have to make music out of it yourself it gets a bit of thumbs down here at the Oslo Collection. Now give us a cdsingle, now!

Sweden top 60: 30, 29, -
Switzerland top 75: 51, -
Norway top 20: 12, -

- versions -
Playing With Fire - Eurovision version ♫
Playing With Fire - Fly DJs remix
Playing With Fire - Wind and Fire remix
Playing With Fire - Original version
Playing With Fire - karaoke
Playing With Fire - Instrumental

Playing With Fire is also included on the re-issued Ovi albym This Gig Almost Killed Me. The album was originally released februari 2009. It also includes Ovi's preselection hit Seven Seconds from the Norwegian final of 2009. (Musikkoperatørene AS - DACD 557)

Paula and Ovi tried again in 2014 with Miracle.
The Miracle cdsingle and one of the promo includes Playing With Fire as an extra track.

Paula Seling in the Romanian national finals.
2008: Seven Days (3rd)
2004: Perfect (6th)
2003: Let's Go! (3rd)
1998: Te Iubesc (I love you) (4th)
Ovi Martin was in last years Norwegian final with Seven Seconds, but didn't make it to the top 4. in 2006 he reached the second chance round with The Better Side Of Me.

TVR has all the National final songs including the winner available at www.tvr.ro/eurovision, (click on Concurenti) You can also check out the new official video.
Paula Seling homepage.
Paula Seling American website
Romania in 2009

4 Denmark - In A Moment Like This - Chanée & N'Evergreen

4 - 149 pts / 5 - 101 pts in semi 2
In A Moment Like This by Chanée and N'Evergreen is the winner of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2010. In A Moment Like This can be heard here at DR. The song is written by Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson and Erik Bernholm.

In the Danish Charts: 7, 2, 19, -, 24, - 12, 19, -
Re-enters the charts at 12 after the contest.
Norway top 20: 5, 9, -
Sweden top 60: 21, 30, 38, 56
Switzerland top 75: 12, -

A limited edition dsingle of In A Moment Like This is out now. It has the Eurovision version and Instrumental (My Way Music 202052).
Both tracks on the cdsingle have a slightly longer intro than the versions on the compilation CDs

Chanée and N'Evergreen have also finished their CD album In A Moment Like This. It is released on My Way Music and includes the Eurovision entry plus a remix of the song.* It also has One More Try.
* It seems the remix isn't on the album.

In A Moment Like This - Eurovision version ♫
In A Moment Like This - instrumental of Eurovision version
In A Moment Like This - single version
In A Moment Like This - instrumental of single version

The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2010 CD is out now and includes all tracks from the Danish preselection and the karaoke versions. (My Way records 201 90-2)
Tomas N'Evergreen participated in the Russian national final in 2009 with One More Try. (11th place)

Update: After the English language cover from South Africa (see below) there's now a coverversion in Afrikaans. It is recorded by Burger Le Roux. The song is titled In Tye Soos Die and it's a duet with Charne Grabe. The song is included on the CD Burger which has just been released (Sony BMG).

The album also includes a coverversion of this years Macedonian entry, as well as coverversions of Melodifesticvalen hits Manboy and Unstoppable.
Burger Le Roux is the winner of the talent show Supersterre 2010.
The album is now available from Kalahari.

Swedish dansband Scotts have recorded a coverversion of In A Moment Like This included on their forthcoming album Vi Gör Det Igen (out April 21).
You can already have a listen at Mariann records Youtube channel. The female vocalist on the track is Erika Sjöström (from dansband Drifters).
Scotts have previously recorded coverversions of Sweden 1968 and U.K. 1981. Thanks to Marcin for the tip!
Erika's band Drifters also have In A Moment Like This on their new album Stanna Hos Mig. It's credited to Drifters with Henrik Strömberg of Scotts. Both tracks appear to be the same recording.
Another Swedish dansband that recorded In A Moment Like This is Casanovas. Cissy Furling assists them on the live track from a CD only available through their website and at live concerts

Update 2011: Another version from Scandinavia is by Julie Grundt.
I Fra Dagen I Dag is a version in Norwegian and can be found on Julie's new album Endelig (Mariann Records Norge 5052498-6738-2-7)
Thanks to Trond.

Dutch Postars winner Wesley Klein has recorded a Dutch version of the song. Geen Dag Zonder Jou (Not a day without you) can be found on his debut CD Vandaag En Morgen.
source: Songfestivalweblog.
March 2011 sees the release of Wesleys version as a single. The single enters the Dutch charts and manages to get to #42.

Another version in English is recorded by Jay with Lianie May(South Africa). It's on Jay's new solo album (He is a member of boyband Eden) and the track is getting a lot of airplay in South African radio. The album titled Solo should be in the shops in November.
The videoclip was shot in the last week of October.
See a small clip from Paparazzi TV (hosted by Tobi Jooste and Nadine) introducing the song and Jay album here.
The duet can also be found on the hits compilations  Sokkie Is Groot and Liefde Is Groot (Which also includes a cover of the Norwegian entry)

Chanée and N'Evergreen website (new)
Christina Chanée MySpace
Tomas N'Evergreen Website and MySpace and info on his CD Since You Been Gone at CDBaby (with soundclips).

DMGP at DR has full audio's of the Danish 2010 MGP.
Denmark in 2009

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1978-2010
May 14 sees the release of an interesting 3disc set in Denmark. 2 DVD and one CD feature many highlights of Danish Eurovision history. The DVDs have 50 clips from the original national finals (Melodi Grand Prix) including the 2010 winner In A Moment Like This and Hera Björks Someday (See Iceland 2010)
The CD has 20 tracks of which 18 are Danish Eurovision entries.
As the title suggests it only features entries from 1978 to 2010, after Denmarks infamous Eurovision drought.
Denmark participated from 1957 to 1966, then decided there were more important cultural things spend their money on. They came back to their senses in 1978 and have been on the Eurovision stage ever since. (with the exception of the few years Denmark were forced to stay home in the dark days of the pre-semi-too-many-countries regulations)

5 Azerbaijan - Drip Drop - Safura

5 - 145 pts / 2 - 133 pts in semi 2
The Azerbaijan jury selected Safura (Safura Əlizadə) to sing the third Eurovision entry for the country. Even though there was a sort of national final, the winning song hadn't been announced immediately.
But after 2 weeks ITV announced that the ballad Drip Drop was the one for Oslo. The song was originally credited to Stefan Örn and Sandra Bjurman, but it turned out they wrote the song together with producer Anders Bagge.

Listen to the latest version of Drip Drop at Safura's new website.
Safura has recorded the Eurovision version it in Sweden with Anders Bagge, who will also produce her album.
Safura's website, one of the most active sites this year, is now up in 15 languages. Click the flags top right at the website for the website in the language of your choice.

Željko Joksimović has created a new version of Drip Drop with Safura. On the new Balkan Version you can hear him humming along a bit, but he also created the Balkan arrangement of the track.
Željko Joksimović is of course known from Serbia's 2004 entry Lane Moje which ended 2nd in the Istanbul contest. He also wrote the Serbian 2008 entry Oro, performed by Jelene Tomašević.
You can also download the new Drip Drop track at the Željko Joksimović website.

Acdsingle on Zaphire records is out now. It includes:
Drip Drop - Radio version
Soulless (a Safura song from the national selection)
Gonna let you know
(Zaphire LC 23932/ZAP002)

Safura's album It's My War is out since june 18. It includes the radio version of Drip Drop plus the two remixes.
The Success remix of Drip Drop is also released on VA CD Absolute Summer Hits (Sweden, Eva Records)

Safura at BeaRecords

Norway top 20: 15, 16, -
Belgium FL top 50: 38, 40, -
Sweden top 60: 40, 58, -
Germany top 100: 26, 50, 86, 85
Switzerland top 75: 22, -
Austria top 75: 41, -

A promo dvd has the Radio edit, Eurovision version, Balkan version and the two remixes plus videoclip in two versions, karaoke and Making of. Also photo's and bios.
A 1 track promo is also issued

The radio version of Drip Drop was first available as a digital release in Belgium . This is 3.42 mins and can be bought at iTunes and other digital stores. (BIP records).

- versions -
Drip Drop - Eurovision version ♫
Drip Drop - Radio version
Drip Drop - Balkan version with Željko Joksimović
Drip Drop - St Destiny remix ft Maverick
Drip Drop - Success remix ft Perez and Radomir
Drip Drop - remastered version
Drip Drop - first version
Drip Drop - Alex Guerrero Radio Edit mix
- Guerrero at Safura's Eurovision talents website.

Drip Drop and the other selection songs have also been recorded by Meryam and by Milk and Kisses who also performed in the national final. A demo by uncredited artists was also recorded.

Safura's website has almost daily updates on her adventures leading up to Oslo 2010.
ITV (Azerbaijan TV) - Eurovision pages
Azerbaijan in 2009

Thanks to Konstantin Hudov at Euromedia.

Coverversion 2012
Update: German Eurovision singer Lena Valaitis has recorded a coverversion of Drip Drop
The German version of Drip Drop is Ich Will Alles (I want everything). It's the title track of Valaitis new CD which will be out on Januari 27.
Lena Valaitis ended second in the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with Johnny Blue written by Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger.

t.b.f. 12

under construction

6 Belgium - Me And My Guitar - Tom Dice

6 - 141 pts / 1 - 167 pts in semi 1
VRT (Belgian Flemish TV) selected Tom Dice to represent Belgium in Oslo. The song is Me And My Guitar written by Tom Dice, Ashley Hicklin and Jeroen Swinnen.

Tom Dice won the first semi in Oslo. The 6th place in the final is the best result ever for a Belgian entry chosen by Flemish television. (Flemish and Wallon TV alternate in chosing the country's Eurovision entry).

Watch the Me And My Guitar introduction video here at VRT.
Listen here at Sonic Angel.
One version is recorded ♫

The cdsingle (in cardsleeve) is available in Belgium since March 13, out on Sonic Angel (SA 10002 / 7 522 744).
The international release  is handled by B1 recordings/Universal. It has the same two tracks but comes in a plastic case sleeve. (B1/ Universal 602527 447827).
The German edition has a '12 punkte aus Deutschland' sticker.

Me And My Guitar enters the Flemish Belgian charts at #2, withing a week of its release. And as expected MAMG goes to #1 in the 2nd week. Tom also charts in the Wallonia charts and after the contest he re-enters at #1. It's the first ever Belgian entry of Flemish origin to reach #1 in Wallonia.
The single debuts Dutch sales top 100 at #85, which makes it the first Netherlands charthit for a Belgian entry since the winner J'aime La Vie by Sandra Kim (1986).
In Eurovision week the song re-enters the NL top 100 at 87.
Tom surely made an impression at the contest. The week after ESC he (re)claims the #1 spot in both belgian charts.
The cdsingle is available in the Belgian shops and at BeaRecords.
Toms CD album Teardrops is out now. Listen to some excerpts at Tom Dice MySpace.

Belgium FL: 2, 1, 3, 5, 10, 18, 18, 20, 19, 19, 20, 1, 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 16, 18, 28, 22, 32, 46, -
Belgium WA: 24, 18, 33, -, 1, 1, 10, 10, 14, 17, 19, 24, 36, 39, 34, -
Netherlands top 100: 85, -, 87, 30, 77, 55, 49, 71, -
Sweden top 60: 24, 35, -
Denmark top 40: 39, 40, -
Ireland top 50: 20, -
U.K. top 100: 85, -
Germany top 100: 20, 26, 42, 41, 54, 57, 52, 47, 52, 61, ?, ?,
Switzerland top 75: 32, -
Update: France top 100 (enters March 2011): 75, 75, 73, 77, 71, 68, 76, 84

Tom Dice info at Sonic Angel
Belgium in 2009

7 Armenia - Apricot Stone - Eva Rivas

7 - 141 pts / 6 - 83 pts in semi 2
Armenia selected Apricot Stone by Eva Rivas (Եվա Րիվաս) as the entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The song is written by Armen Martirosyan with lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan.
A new version is recorded for Oslo. You can watch the new version video at the official site.
A remix and instrumental (remix) are available from OGAE Armenia.

An early home made style promo cdsingle, used for the national final has the first version.
A two track promo has the new version and the G Radio Remix.

Switzerland top 75: 54, -

- versions -
Apricot Stone - Eurovision version ♫
Apricot Stone - Original version
Apricot Stone - G Radio Remix
Apricot Stone - Remix instrumental
Apricot Stone - Karaoke
Apricot Stone - Karaoke of original, with strings replacing main vocals

It's the 6th time Karen Kavaleryan writes the English lyrics for a Eurovision entry.
He contributed to Northern Girl (Russia 2002), Never Let You Go (Russia 2006), Work Your Magic (Belarus 2007), Anytime You Need (Armenia 2007), Shady Lady (Ukraine 2008) and Peace Will Come (Georgia 2008)

Eva Rivas Homepage has Apricot Stone and other songs.
Eva Rivas Live Journal has video of the song. And on a photo she even shows us the promo cd!
You can listen to Apricot Stone here.
ARM TV's Eurovision pages
Listen to the national final songs at ARM mp3
Armenia in 2009

8 Greece - Opa - Giorgos Alkaios

8 - 140 pts / 2 - 133 pts in semi 1
Opa (Ωπα) written and performed by Giorgos Alkaios (Γιώργος Αλκαίος) won the Greek national final.

Opa (first version) and the other national final songs can be found on a Vodafone promotion CD. (Universal)

There's a new version without the mobilephones intro at ERT and you can also do your own karaoke version. Check them out at here at ERT.

ERT have issued a promo set with a 1 track cdsingle and a DVD. The cds has the Eurovision version and the DVD has the videoclip, information and photos.

EP Dos Mou Ligo Fos
An EP was released including Opa and two remixes. (plus two versions of Dos Mou Ligo Fos).
The CD comes with a bonus DVD.
The digital version also has karaokes of both songs

The Hell Mix of Opa was released in 2012 on the collection Deja Vu, 20 Years Of Music. Digital release at amazon, Itunes have the track marked as explicit. This best of album only includes no other versions of Opa.

Alkaios likes his Opa's, he also wrote Opa Opa for Eurovision stars Antique (With Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou). It was their first hit in 1999.

Belgium FL top 50: 40, -
Finland top 20: 20, -

- versions -
Opa - Eurovision version - at ERT, promo, ♫
Opa - Eurovision Karaoke - at ERT
Opa - Original version - on Vodafone promo CD
Opa - Club Mix by Friends
Opa - Summer Mix by DJ Smastoras
Opa - Hell Mix

Hebrew coverversion
Omer Adam (עומר אדם) has released a coverversion of Opa (הופה). It's released on the album Names Mimekh (Melting because of you) which also includes a remix of the track.  
Watch the official video at Youtube and the remix here.

Links and sources:
Giorgos Alkaios website (in Greek)
Giorgos Alkaios MySpace
You can listen to the (remaining) songs of the Greek selection here at ERT.
ERT's Eurovision pages in Greek and English. (links keep changing)
Greece in 2009

9 Georgia - Shine- Sofia Nizharadze

9 - 136 pts / 3 - 106 pts in semi 2
Sofia Nizharadze (სოფიო ნიჟარაძე a.k.a. Sofie) will represent Georgia in Oslo.
The song Shine written by Hanne Sørvaag, Harry Sommerdahl and Chistian Leuzzi is selected.
Hanne Sørvaag is also one of the writers of this yaers Norwegian entry.

A new version of Shine is recorded in London and will be released by EMI.

update A promo cdsingle issued by GPB (Georgia Public Broadcaster) and EMI with one track, the Eurovision version of Shine. An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is issued on a souvenir USB stick.
The cdsingle is now available at BeaRecords.

Check out the new website World Of Sofia to watch the new video, download the song, read about Sofia and much more.
See the new preview video at http://www.eurovision-georgia.ge/
You can download the new version here at the same site.

- versions -
Shine - Eurovision version - promo cds
Shine - original version

Special thanks to Elif Sohtorik at Cosmo

World Of Sofia
Sofie Myspace & Facebook
Georgia's 2009 adventures

10 Ukraine - Sweet People - Alyosha

10 - 108 pts / 7 - 77 pts in semi 2
Alyosha, (Alyona Kucher) (Альоша, Алеша, Алена Кучер) won the new national final in Ukraine with the song To Be Free. But since that song wasn't eligible for Eurovision (see below) Alyosha finally ended up singing Sweet People at the Oslo Eurovision stage.

Alyosha now has opened a website Alyosha Mission. You can read about her plight to the world and the environment and also download Sweet People.
Watch and listen here at Eurovision Ukraine.

Sweet People is issued on a 1 track promo cdsingle (top picture), only one version has been released officially so far ♫.
A new version can be found on Foxxstudios Soundcloud, but I don't think there's an official release.

Switzerland top 75: 73

To Be Free Or Not To Be Free
Alyosha won the 2nd national selection hastily organized in Ukraine after a change in the broadcasters board and general dissatisfaction with the already chosen song by Vasyl Lazarovich. Alyosha's winning song was To Be Free, but that turned out to not be eligible for the 2010 contest.
Several Alonya songs are at Ourstage, where the To Be Free has been uploaded April 2008. This clearly breaks the Oct. 1 rule.
It was released on the 6 track album Tears Of Love, out since 2008 (in Moldova). The song is also at the MySpace of 'Alonya', and it's been there since before may 2009.
To Be Free was recorded in Kyiv in 2007. (source: Bestmusic.ro)

No More I Love You's
Vasiliy (Vasyl) Lazarovich (Василь Лазарович) was originally selected by Ukrainian TV (NTU) to represent Ukraine in the 2010 Eurovision.
The song I Love You written by Brandon Stone and Olga Yarynich was selected in a 5 song national final.
But it was decided a new song had to be found for Eurovision.

Alyosha's Mission
Vasyl Lazarovich homepage
NTU Eurovision pages
Ukraine in 2009

The Official CD, Karaokes, DVD

Official CD
Since 2000 all Eurovision entries are released on CD. The CD with all 2010 releases is out now. All versions that ended up on the official compilation are (will be) marked ♫ in each countries Oslo Collection post.

update: The DVD set with the three shows is out now. It also features some behind the screen bonus footage and video's of the 'big five' national final previews. (The five that weren't in a semi).
The Official Eurovision DVD is playable in all regions.
Sing Along To Your Favorites
It may not be the easiest thing to do, but with the aid of the official karaokeversions you'll soon be doing your own Työlki Ellääs and Ovo Je Balkans. You can now buy the digital only karaoke album at the official site.
You can buy the album as a whole or (most) seperate tracks.
In previous years the karaoke versions were only at 192kb, but they have accomodated the fans and this year all downloads from the official shop are at 320kb. Well done.

Preview videos
Check out the official site, multimedia section, for the preview videos. All preview videos are uploaded, but some still feature old / live versions . For available downloads of the new versions check each country's post here at The Oslo Collection.

The Draw
For the draw check the official site here.

The Interval Act - Madcon - Glow

You've all seen the fab flash mob / living room dancing interval production of this years contest.
The song they were all dancing to was by Glow by Madcon, who also appeared themselves.
Like the big hits of this year (Tom !, Jessy !!, Lena !!!) Glow is storming the charts in Europe.

A 2 track cdsingle is released in Germany on Columbia (77492129).
It features the radio edit and extended version of Glow.

update: Glow is also included on the new Madcon CD Contraband, out 01-11-10 (Cosmos/Bonnier Amigo)
The Norwegian duo had a huge hit in 2009 with their cover of the Four Seasons hit Beggin' and released three albums.

You can see the clip of the interval at Madcons Norwegian homepage.
The Glow track is out on cdsingle in Germany (and...?) on all your digital outlets now.

11 Russia - Lost And Forgotten - Peter Nalitch

11 - 90 pts /  7 - 74 pts in semi 1
Peter Nalitch (Петр Налич) and Friends won the Russian preselection with the song Lost And Forgotten.
You can now download the song at the Peter Nalitch website.
The Eurovision version is on the official CD ♫

An unplugged version can now be heard at Peter Nalitch website  The unplugged version is still at YouTube here.
A promo cds has Lost And Forgotten and 6 other songs. You can download all tracks at Peter Nalitch homepage (under music)

update: You can now listen to the tracks of Nalitch new album Jolly Baburi (Vesyoliye Baburi / Весёлые Бабури) at this page of the Peter Nalitch Website.
There's an option to download the full album (under ЦЕΛИКОМ) and if you like it, then click the ААТЬ АЕНЕГ link (bottom left) to pay for the album.
You can decide the amount yourself and can pay with either Rubels, Euro's or Dollars. (Through creditcard or Paypal)
The Jolly Barburi album has 20 tracks including Lost and Forgotten.
It should be out on CD in Russia now. It don't know if it hit the shops already, but it's also available at Peter Nalitch gigs.

You can catch Peter Nalitch in Germany and Austria later this summer:
July 31 - in Lorach (Germany) at the Stimmen Festival
August 1 - in Krems and der Donau (Austria) at the Glatt und Verkehrt festival

Peter Nalitch homepage
Peter Nalitch MySpace
Lyrics of Lost And Forgotten at Peter Nalitch forum.
Russia in Eurovision 2009

12 France - Allez Ola Olé - Jessy Matador

12 - 82 pts / not in semi
Frances Eurovision song Allez Ola Olé by Jessy Marador is a clever tie-in with the 2010 South Africa Football World Cup, but it contrary to previous announcements is not the official French world cup theme.
The song is written by Hugues Ducamin and Jacques Ballue.
The version performed at Eurovision has a different arrangement which is not on any of the recordings below.

A cdsingle is released on Wagram on the 25th of May. (Wagram 3219255)
The cdsingle includes two versions of the song and the videoclip.
Allez Ola Olé - radio edit ♫
Allez Ola Olé - radio edit electro
5-track promo image
Elektro Soukouss
Matadors new album Elektro Soukouss is out June 14 on Wagram music (B111935020).

Other remixes have been recorded and distributed to djs on a 5-track promo by Music Media Consulting, no other release details.
Allez Ola Olé - Kework and Cocozza Rmx
Allez Ola Olé - Afro Mix
Allez Ola Olé - Techno Mix

Digital release image remix 2014

A new remix by Bodybangers was released in 2014. It was released digitally but 1-track promos have turned up as well. (Wagram Music)
The original radio edit and the Bodybangers remix can also be found on Matadors 2014 hits album 100% show. It was released on 24-11 through Wagram Music.

Allez Ola Olé - radio edit ♫
Allez Ola Olé - radio edit electro
- both on cds
Allez Ola Olé - Kework and Cocozza Rmx
Allez Ola Olé - Afro Mix
Allez Ola Olé - Techno Mix
- all above on Music Media Consulting promo
Allez Ola Olé - Bodybangers remix 2014
- digital release and CD 100% Show

France top 100: 11, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 11, 12, 12, 13, 14, 15, 15, 18, 21, 23, 28, 31, 32, 29, 33, 40, 52, -
Norway top 20: 18, 5, -
Belgium FL top 50: 17, 5, 7, 8, 6, 6, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 16, 17, 23, 32, 44, -
Belgium WA top 40: 13, 24, 31, -, 33, 30, 23, 23, 26, 28, 27, -, 34, 42, -
Finland top 20: 7, 9, -
Sweden top 60: 54, 34, 51, -
Ireland top 50: 39, -
U.K. top 100: 81, -
Denmark top 40: 30, -
Germany top 100: 17, 21, 19, 20, 21, 25, 27, 30, ?, ? 60, 75, 86, -
Switzerland top 75: 69, 59, 61, 63, 65, 71, 71, -
Austria top 75: 65, 68, -
French chart history is patchy and not well documented, but Allez Ola Olé is the first ever #1 for a Eurovision entry in France since the (current) official sales charts were introduced in 1984.

Watch the official video at the Wagram Youtube channel.

Paris born Jessy Matadors parents are from the Democratic Republic Of Congo. He scored two hits in the French top 20. Décalé Qwada (with his band La Sélésao, 2008) and Mini Kawoulé (2009). Both songs can be found on Jessy Matadors debut album Afrikan New Style.

Jessy Matador MySpace
Allez Allo Amai
Belgian MNM radio DJ Sofie van Moll has adopted and adapted the Jessy Matador hit for her morning radio show. The song is used to wake up kids at summer camps (or something).
You can download her version at the MNM website (search for Sofie van Moll)
source: Eurosong be, MNM 

A cheap cover of Allez Ola Olé by the aptly titled DJ Team can be found on the CD Hit Dance Club vol. 38. (Stick Music)