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5 Azerbaijan - Drip Drop - Safura

5 - 145 pts / 2 - 133 pts in semi 2
The Azerbaijan jury selected Safura (Safura Əlizadə) to sing the third Eurovision entry for the country. Even though there was a sort of national final, the winning song hadn't been announced immediately.
But after 2 weeks ITV announced that the ballad Drip Drop was the one for Oslo. The song was originally credited to Stefan Örn and Sandra Bjurman, but it turned out they wrote the song together with producer Anders Bagge.

Listen to the latest version of Drip Drop at Safura's new website.
Safura has recorded the Eurovision version it in Sweden with Anders Bagge, who will also produce her album.
Safura's website, one of the most active sites this year, is now up in 15 languages. Click the flags top right at the website for the website in the language of your choice.

Željko Joksimović has created a new version of Drip Drop with Safura. On the new Balkan Version you can hear him humming along a bit, but he also created the Balkan arrangement of the track.
Željko Joksimović is of course known from Serbia's 2004 entry Lane Moje which ended 2nd in the Istanbul contest. He also wrote the Serbian 2008 entry Oro, performed by Jelene Tomašević.
You can also download the new Drip Drop track at the Željko Joksimović website.

Acdsingle on Zaphire records is out now. It includes:
Drip Drop - Radio version
Soulless (a Safura song from the national selection)
Gonna let you know
(Zaphire LC 23932/ZAP002)

Safura's album It's My War is out since june 18. It includes the radio version of Drip Drop plus the two remixes.
The Success remix of Drip Drop is also released on VA CD Absolute Summer Hits (Sweden, Eva Records)

Safura at BeaRecords

Norway top 20: 15, 16, -
Belgium FL top 50: 38, 40, -
Sweden top 60: 40, 58, -
Germany top 100: 26, 50, 86, 85
Switzerland top 75: 22, -
Austria top 75: 41, -

A promo dvd has the Radio edit, Eurovision version, Balkan version and the two remixes plus videoclip in two versions, karaoke and Making of. Also photo's and bios.
A 1 track promo is also issued

The radio version of Drip Drop was first available as a digital release in Belgium . This is 3.42 mins and can be bought at iTunes and other digital stores. (BIP records).

- versions -
Drip Drop - Eurovision version ♫
Drip Drop - Radio version
Drip Drop - Balkan version with Željko Joksimović
Drip Drop - St Destiny remix ft Maverick
Drip Drop - Success remix ft Perez and Radomir
Drip Drop - remastered version
Drip Drop - first version
Drip Drop - Alex Guerrero Radio Edit mix
- Guerrero at Safura's Eurovision talents website.

Drip Drop and the other selection songs have also been recorded by Meryam and by Milk and Kisses who also performed in the national final. A demo by uncredited artists was also recorded.

Safura's website has almost daily updates on her adventures leading up to Oslo 2010.
ITV (Azerbaijan TV) - Eurovision pages
Azerbaijan in 2009

Thanks to Konstantin Hudov at Euromedia.

Coverversion 2012
Update: German Eurovision singer Lena Valaitis has recorded a coverversion of Drip Drop
The German version of Drip Drop is Ich Will Alles (I want everything). It's the title track of Valaitis new CD which will be out on Januari 27.
Lena Valaitis ended second in the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with Johnny Blue written by Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger.

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