Sunday, May 30, 2010

Latvia - What For? - Aisha

17 - 11 pts in semi 1
Aisha (Aija Andrejeva) has won the Latvian national final with the song What For? (Only Mr. God Knows Why).
The song is written by Janis Lusens and Guntars Račs.
A new version is recorded for the contest. Video

Listen to the Boyza ll radio remix at Aisha's page at

What For? is is released by MicRec  (Micrec MRCX 069). The original subtitle Only Mr. God Knows Why can't be found on the cd or sleeve.

- Full tracklist -
What For? - Eurovision version ♫
What For? - Boyza ll radio remix
What For? - Boyza ll extended remix
If This Was Heaven
Me And Bobby McGee
What For? - Karaoke

A three version digital release is now available at (Latvia only).

The original version of What For? (Only Mr. God Knows Why) has been available at the LTV Eurovision pages but is not included on any release.
Aisha in Eirodziesma
In 2009 Aisha ended 4th in the Latvian final with Hey Hey Hey Hey.
In 2008 she was 2nd with You Really Got Me Going.
Close Your Eyes got stuck in the semi in 2007.

Guntars Račs also wrote the lyrics for the 2004 Latvian entry Dziesma Par Laimi (by Fomins and Kleins), the song that still holds the record for most recorded language versions for a Eurovision song.

- versions -
What For? - Eurovision version ♫
What For? - original version
What For? - Boyza ll radio remix
What For? - Boyza ll extended remix
What For? - Karaoke

Listen to What For? and other songs by Aisha at or at Aisha's MySpace

Finnish Coverversion
Finnish singer Marita Taavitsainen recorded a Finnish coverversion of What For?. It's translated as Luoja Yksin Tietää (Only God will know).
It is available as a digital release (MTV3).
Eurofans know Marita from the 2006 Finnish National final where she entered with Enkeli Itkee (The angel cries)
Marita Taavitsainen homepage has a snippet.
Thanks to Martti for the info.

LTV Eurovision pages
Listen to the 2010 Eirodziesma songs here.
Latvia in 2009

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