Sunday, May 30, 2010

24 Belarus - Butterflies - 3 + 2

24 - 18 pts / 9 - 59 pts in semi 1
Butterflies by 3 + 2 written by Maxim Fadeev and Malka Chaplin is the 2010 Eurovision entry for Belarus
Belarus had changed their song from the previous choice Far Away (also by 3 + 2).
You can download the song here at BTRC.
Fadeev is already known for co-writing Song #1 for Serebro (3rd in 2007 for Russia)

3 + 2 = 6.
The group were joined on stage by Swedish singer / producer / pianist Robert Wells. You may know Wells from his 2003 Melodifestivalen entry My Love with Sofia Källgren.
Три плюс два or Группа 3+2

The promo CD of the Belarussian entry includes 8 tracks
Butterflies - Eurovision version (english) ♫
What Are You Up For
More and More
Far Away (first chosen entry, see below)
Butterflies - remix
Butterflies - karaoke version
Far Away - Belorussian version - Anyoly (Aнëлы)
Far Away - Russian version - Angely (Aнгелы)

A different promo CD in booklet has three tracks + video
Butterflies - remix
Butterflies - karaoke

3 + 2 Website and info
A new website for 3+2 is now launched. (Russian, English).
On the audio page you can download Butterflies, Far Away (see below) and other songs.
You can find biographies of all seperate members here at TVRBy

The song BTRC had originally selected to represent Belarus in the 2010 contest, Far Away is written by Leonid Shirin and Yuri Vashuk.

Before thát selection Broadcaster ONT was to choose the Eurovision song, but after failing to get a EBU membership the selection of a Eurovision entry was back in the BTRC. ONT had already started a preselection.

- versions of the first chosen entry -
Far Away - English (eurovision) version
Angely (Aнгелы) - Russian version
Anyoly (Aнëлы) - Belorussian version
Far Away - Original demo

You can still download the new version of Far Away here at BTRC
News at BTRC
3+2 Website
Belarus in 2009

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