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4 Denmark - In A Moment Like This - Chanée & N'Evergreen

4 - 149 pts / 5 - 101 pts in semi 2
In A Moment Like This by Chanée and N'Evergreen is the winner of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2010. In A Moment Like This can be heard here at DR. The song is written by Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson and Erik Bernholm.

In the Danish Charts: 7, 2, 19, -, 24, - 12, 19, -
Re-enters the charts at 12 after the contest.
Norway top 20: 5, 9, -
Sweden top 60: 21, 30, 38, 56
Switzerland top 75: 12, -

A limited edition dsingle of In A Moment Like This is out now. It has the Eurovision version and Instrumental (My Way Music 202052).
Both tracks on the cdsingle have a slightly longer intro than the versions on the compilation CDs

Chanée and N'Evergreen have also finished their CD album In A Moment Like This. It is released on My Way Music and includes the Eurovision entry plus a remix of the song.* It also has One More Try.
* It seems the remix isn't on the album.

In A Moment Like This - Eurovision version ♫
In A Moment Like This - instrumental of Eurovision version
In A Moment Like This - single version
In A Moment Like This - instrumental of single version

The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2010 CD is out now and includes all tracks from the Danish preselection and the karaoke versions. (My Way records 201 90-2)
Tomas N'Evergreen participated in the Russian national final in 2009 with One More Try. (11th place)

Update: After the English language cover from South Africa (see below) there's now a coverversion in Afrikaans. It is recorded by Burger Le Roux. The song is titled In Tye Soos Die and it's a duet with Charne Grabe. The song is included on the CD Burger which has just been released (Sony BMG).

The album also includes a coverversion of this years Macedonian entry, as well as coverversions of Melodifesticvalen hits Manboy and Unstoppable.
Burger Le Roux is the winner of the talent show Supersterre 2010.
The album is now available from Kalahari.

Swedish dansband Scotts have recorded a coverversion of In A Moment Like This included on their forthcoming album Vi Gör Det Igen (out April 21).
You can already have a listen at Mariann records Youtube channel. The female vocalist on the track is Erika Sjöström (from dansband Drifters).
Scotts have previously recorded coverversions of Sweden 1968 and U.K. 1981. Thanks to Marcin for the tip!
Erika's band Drifters also have In A Moment Like This on their new album Stanna Hos Mig. It's credited to Drifters with Henrik Strömberg of Scotts. Both tracks appear to be the same recording.
Another Swedish dansband that recorded In A Moment Like This is Casanovas. Cissy Furling assists them on the live track from a CD only available through their website and at live concerts

Update 2011: Another version from Scandinavia is by Julie Grundt.
I Fra Dagen I Dag is a version in Norwegian and can be found on Julie's new album Endelig (Mariann Records Norge 5052498-6738-2-7)
Thanks to Trond.

Dutch Postars winner Wesley Klein has recorded a Dutch version of the song. Geen Dag Zonder Jou (Not a day without you) can be found on his debut CD Vandaag En Morgen.
source: Songfestivalweblog.
March 2011 sees the release of Wesleys version as a single. The single enters the Dutch charts and manages to get to #42.

Another version in English is recorded by Jay with Lianie May(South Africa). It's on Jay's new solo album (He is a member of boyband Eden) and the track is getting a lot of airplay in South African radio. The album titled Solo should be in the shops in November.
The videoclip was shot in the last week of October.
See a small clip from Paparazzi TV (hosted by Tobi Jooste and Nadine) introducing the song and Jay album here.
The duet can also be found on the hits compilations  Sokkie Is Groot and Liefde Is Groot (Which also includes a cover of the Norwegian entry)

Chanée and N'Evergreen website (new)
Christina Chanée MySpace
Tomas N'Evergreen Website and MySpace and info on his CD Since You Been Gone at CDBaby (with soundclips).

DMGP at DR has full audio's of the Danish 2010 MGP.
Denmark in 2009

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1978-2010
May 14 sees the release of an interesting 3disc set in Denmark. 2 DVD and one CD feature many highlights of Danish Eurovision history. The DVDs have 50 clips from the original national finals (Melodi Grand Prix) including the 2010 winner In A Moment Like This and Hera Björks Someday (See Iceland 2010)
The CD has 20 tracks of which 18 are Danish Eurovision entries.
As the title suggests it only features entries from 1978 to 2010, after Denmarks infamous Eurovision drought.
Denmark participated from 1957 to 1966, then decided there were more important cultural things spend their money on. They came back to their senses in 1978 and have been on the Eurovision stage ever since. (with the exception of the few years Denmark were forced to stay home in the dark days of the pre-semi-too-many-countries regulations)

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