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The Netherlands - Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie) - Sieneke

14 - 29 pts in semi 2
TROS TV appointed Pierre Kartner, also know as Father Abraham, to compose the Dutch entry for Oslo.
He wrote Ik Ben Verliefd (Shalalie) (I'm In Love (Shalali)). The performer of the song in Oslo is Sieneke (Peeters). She was selected from 5 artists singing the same song in a national final.
You can watch the winning version here at the Nationaal Songfestival website.
A new version with a slighty different melody-line has been recorded. You can listen and download this one at

The lyrics of the song have been changed from the original demo with a line about Leningrad being replaced by a line about Moscow. The coverversion (see below) uses the Leningrad line.
Pierre Kartner's own demo version was the first one presented.
- versions -
Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha La Lie) - Eurovision version ♫ - promo cds
Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha La Lie) - first version - cdsingle
Sieneke at BeaRecords

cdsingle and # 1 hit
Sieneke's cd single is out now and available in the Dutch shops and BeaRecords. It includes the original version and a karaoke version of the song (NRGY Music, nrcd 2733948)
Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-La-Lie) enters the Dutch sales top 100 at #13 and goes to #1 in the 2nd week. It's the first #1 hit for a home entry in the Dutch sales charts ever.
Charts: 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 15, 20, 45, 63, 79, -, 21, 21, 59
Sieneke re-enters the charts at 21 in Eurovision week.
A promo cd mounted on a card Delft blue tile (top picture) features the new version, press info, video, bios and photos.

Sha La Lie is also included on Sieneke's debut album.

National Final versions
In the Dutch national final the song was performed by five artists. So four of them didn't win but they all recorded the song.
Vinzzent is releasing his Spanish version of the song. His cdsingle is Allerliefste (a cover of Cara Mia from Måns Zelmerlöws  2007 Melodifestivalen hit.) The physical release includes his Spanish Eres Mi Amor (Sha La Lie) as second track. Update: Vinzzents album Droomwereld (Dreamworld) includes both the Dutch and Spanish version of Sha La Lie.
Listen to his Dutch version at his homepage. / or buy digital
Loekz are a 6 girl band. You can download their version at their website.
Peggy Mays - studio version has not been made public
Marlous Oosting - Homepage

Ik Ben Verliefd early coverversion.
Over a week before the national selection a coverversion of the Dutch entry has already popped up. Bad Boyz and Benny Kleff (YouTube) have recorded the song and it's available through several mp3 stores (like Zazell or MegaMedia). It's out on Yummie records and there are 2 versions: Party Radio Mix & Karaoke Party Mix.
source: Songfestivalweblog

Battle Of The Street Organs
Draaiorgel Keistad, used in the national final, has released a new CD album including its version of Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha La Lie). The 20 track CD includes all kind of Dutch classics including Het Kleine Café (Pierre Kartner, see below). (Pink Records/T2 PRCD 2010108)
The organ is from my hometown and I'm sure I heard it play Puppet On A String and Eres Tu, but there are no other Eurovision songs on the CD sadly.

More coverversions have been popping up on the net. Most notably one by street organ Anton Pieck (Youtube).
Both Draaiorgel De Keistad (from my hometown) (Youtube) and De Schuyt (Youtube) claim to be the original one used in the recording and national final performance, but it's De Keistad that features in the backdrop at the NF.
More Street organs/ Draaiorgels: The Pekinees (manually played!) (Youtube), De Teddybeer (Youtube), De Pod (Youtube), De Aurora (Youtube), Het Zonnetje (Youtube), Sensation (Youtube), de Hartenvrouw (Youtube), De Veronica (Youtube)

More Coverversions
A german version Sha La Lie (Ich bin verliebt) is recorded by Sebastian Charelle. The track is included on the 2CD Die neue Hitparade Folge 3. (VA, RTL/Sony)
A CDsingle is out now. Website
- thanks to Marion at Muziekfreaks

Another german version is released by Jäger DJ Alex and Matty Valentino. Their version can be found on the VA CD Fetenhits Après Ski 2011 (Polystar records, 2010).
The track is also available as a digital release. (Matty Valentino website)

Update 2011:
11 - 11 - 11 sees another release from Germany. Cölln Girls have recorded Sha-La-Lie in Kölsh (the language/dialect spoken in Cologne) in time for the launch of Karneval season 2011/2012.
A cdsingle is released by Pavement records (4012122801669) and has two other songs too.
The track is also available through various digital sources. It can also be found on the various artists CD Karneval Der Stars folge 41.

Cölln Girls website has a soundclip
Here's an amateur live recording (the tube)

Regional languages
Shakin' DJs have released a version in the Limburgian regional language on their CD Trèkpop. (website)
Limburg is the most Southern part of the Netherlands, east side.

WC Experience from Oss, Brabant (South NL) have released their rock party version of Sha La Lie on the CD/DVD set Koloszaal. The track is both on the CD and the DVD.WC experience homepage
thanks to Rick

Janneke De Roo (Youtube) has recorded a version in Drents (regional dialect) which is included on a CD celebrating her 5 years in the music bizz. The album Onvergetelijk (Unforgettable) is out now and available at the Janneke De Roo website

A version in Gronings (Northern Netherlands language) by Wia Buze is here at RTV Noord.

South Africa
Steven Sterling from South Africa has recorded an Afrikaans version of Sha La Lie which is included on his new album out in November. Sha La Lie is now titled Umhlanga Rocks, named after the popular holiday destination just north of Durban.
The album is titled Mooie Maria (Beautiful Maria) and is out Selekt. It also includes Mama Afrika, a coverversion of the French 1993 entry Mama Corsica by Patrick Fiori.
Read more about this album
here at Eurocovers.

Update 2011: Another version in Afrikaans is recorded by Arista Paxton for her forthcoming album Ek Wens. The album will include eight or nine coverversions of Eurovision hits. Here's a showreel f the album on the tube.
More details on that as soon as I have them.
Thanks to Roy and to Steven Sterling.

Update 2012:
Swiss singer Jessica Ming has recorded two versions of Sha La Lie for her latest album Ich Bin Stark.
One version is in German, the second version is sung in a Swiss dialect / Mundart is titled Sha La Lie (Ech Be Verliebt)
Jessica Ming Website

A nice English version is recorded by Faeke (The Emanon Project) (Youtube/ digital).
A jazzy version by Ellen ten Damme can be downloaded at
RTV-Drenthe (a regional radio channel).And the there's Happy Hardcore with De Mosselman* (Youtube new video/digital), a Worldcup version by Shahin (Youtube), Judith Peters (Youtube) and more....
* De Mosselman in the Dutch sales top 100: 87, 9, 8, 21, 38, 47, 55, 80, -
sources: Songfestivalweblog, Youtube, Eurocovers.

2011 Update: Another Dutch version is released as the b-track on the cdsingle Aloosie Song by duo Jut en Jul. They are members of the popchoir A Sign Of Friendship. The cdsingle is available through the Jut en Jul website and at the shows ow the duo (and of the choir)

Swedish cover
Drifters from Sweden have released a Swedish version of Sha La Lie on their new album Stanna Hos Mig (Warner/Mariann). The album also includes In A Moment Like This (Danish 2010 entry) in a duet with Henrik Strömberg of Scotts.
Drifters homepage

Coverversions recap
Original and national final versions
Pierre kartner - Dutch unreleased composer demo, has been on the net
Loekz - Dutch NF version, studio version has been released digitally
Vinzzent - Dutch NFversion, studio version on CD album Droomwereld
Peggy Mays - Dutch NFversion, studio version has not been available
Marlous Oosting - Dutch NFversion, studio version has been on website
 Versions released officially
Bad Boyz & Benny Klef (2 versions) - Dutch , digital release (Yummie records)
Jut en Jul - Dutch, b-track to Aloosie Song cdsingle
De Mosselman - Dutch,  digital single release
WC Experience - Dutch / Brabants dialect, on CD Koloszaal CD/DVD set
Janneke de Roo - Drents (NL regional language), on CD Onvergetelijk
Shakin’DJ’s - Limburgs (NL regional language), on CD Trékpop
Faeke / The Emanon project - English, digital release
Steven Sterling - Umlhanga Rocks - Afrikaans, on CD Mooie Maria (Sterling musiek)
Arista Paxton - Afrikaans CD, on CD Ek Wens
Sebastian Charelle - Sha la lie (Ich bin verliebt) - German on cdsingle and digital (remix)
Jäger dj Alex & Matty Valentino - German, on CD Fetenhits Apres Ski 2011 (Polystar)
Cölln Girls - Sha la lie, Sha la la -  Kölsch (German regional dialect), on cdsingle
Vinzzent - Eres mi amor (Sha La Lie) - Spanish, on cds Allerliefste (b-track)
Drifters - Swedish, on CD Stanna Hos Mig
Draaiorgel De Keistad (Street organ) - Instrumental, on CD Draaiorgel de Keistad (Pink Records)

Pierre Kartner highlights.
Pierre Kartner wrote the 1973 Dutch Eurovision entry De Oude Muzikant (The Old Musician) for Ben Cramer. It only ended 14th, but it's still a Dutch singalong which has been covered recently by several party animals from the Netherlands an Belgium.
Kartners biggest claim to fame is of course the Smurf Song, the 1977 hit with the blue guys with the white pointy hats. The song, originally only intended as a promo for a Smurf animation, sold millions after Father Abraham recorded it in many languages.

The Red Rose Café
Another well known track from Kartners hand is Het Kleine Café Aan De Haven (The little Café at the harbour). It was recorded in just about every European language by many popular artists. The English version is titled The Red Rose Café and in France Joe Dassin popularised the song as Le Café Des Trois Colombes.

Sieneke homepage
Pierre Kartner homepage
Also check out The Netherlands in 2009 (De Toppers)

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