Sunday, May 30, 2010

18 Portugal - Há Dias Assim - Filipa Azevedo

18 - 43 pts  / 4 - 89 pts in semi 1
Há Dias Assim by Filipa Azevedo won the national final in Portugal. The song is written by Augusto Madureira. A new version has been recorded for Eurovision.
A website is launched for Filipa Azevedo. It's here and you can listen to the first English and Portuguese Eurovision versions under multimedia/music.

RTP have issued a promo cdsingle with the Eurovision version and Instrumental version (which is actually a karaoke version).

- versions -
Há Dias Assim - Eurovision version ♫
Há Dias Assim - original version
It's one of those days - English version
Há Dias Assim - Instrumental (is actually karaoke)

The Azevedo family have their own blog here.
You can find the Azevedo's on basically every social network, blogging thingy and face-encyclopedia imaginable, but I'm sure you can find those yourself.
Listen to the Portuguese selection songs at RTP's Eurovision pages, with the finalists here.
Portugal in 2009

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