Sunday, May 30, 2010

17 Bosnia Hercegovina - Thunder And Lightning - Vukašin Brajić

17 - 51 pts / 8 - 59 pts in semi 1
BHRT have selected Munja I Grom (Lightning and thunder) by Vukašin Brajić for the 2010 Eurovision. The song is written by Edin-Dino Šaran. The song is likely to be sung in English at the contest.
You can download the song in Bosnian and in English here.
A new English version is recorded for Eurovision.

updateYou can download the new Eurovision version in good quality here at BHRT. Fans will be pleased to know some thunder has actually been included in the intro (lightning to be imagined by yourself)

A cdsingle with the two original versions is issued. It contains the original Bosnian and English versions.
The promo cd/dvd includes all versions:
Thunder and Lightning - Eurovision Version
Thunder and Lightning - Radio Edit
Munja I Grom - Radio Edit
Munja I Grom - Instrumental
Thunder and Lightning  -Karaoke
plus videos in English and Bosnian, photos and documentaries

Vukašin Brajić website
Bosnia Hercegovina in 2009
The cdsingle is now available at BeaRecords

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