Sunday, May 30, 2010

9 Georgia - Shine- Sofia Nizharadze

9 - 136 pts / 3 - 106 pts in semi 2
Sofia Nizharadze (სოფიო ნიჟარაძე a.k.a. Sofie) will represent Georgia in Oslo.
The song Shine written by Hanne Sørvaag, Harry Sommerdahl and Chistian Leuzzi is selected.
Hanne Sørvaag is also one of the writers of this yaers Norwegian entry.

A new version of Shine is recorded in London and will be released by EMI.

update A promo cdsingle issued by GPB (Georgia Public Broadcaster) and EMI with one track, the Eurovision version of Shine. An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is issued on a souvenir USB stick.
The cdsingle is now available at BeaRecords.

Check out the new website World Of Sofia to watch the new video, download the song, read about Sofia and much more.
See the new preview video at
You can download the new version here at the same site.

- versions -
Shine - Eurovision version - promo cds
Shine - original version

Special thanks to Elif Sohtorik at Cosmo

World Of Sofia
Sofie Myspace & Facebook
Georgia's 2009 adventures

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