Sunday, May 30, 2010

8 Greece - Opa - Giorgos Alkaios

8 - 140 pts / 2 - 133 pts in semi 1
Opa (Ωπα) written and performed by Giorgos Alkaios (Γιώργος Αλκαίος) won the Greek national final.

Opa (first version) and the other national final songs can be found on a Vodafone promotion CD. (Universal)

There's a new version without the mobilephones intro at ERT and you can also do your own karaoke version. Check them out at here at ERT.

ERT have issued a promo set with a 1 track cdsingle and a DVD. The cds has the Eurovision version and the DVD has the videoclip, information and photos.

EP Dos Mou Ligo Fos
An EP was released including Opa and two remixes. (plus two versions of Dos Mou Ligo Fos).
The CD comes with a bonus DVD.
The digital version also has karaokes of both songs

The Hell Mix of Opa was released in 2012 on the collection Deja Vu, 20 Years Of Music. Digital release at amazon, Itunes have the track marked as explicit. This best of album only includes no other versions of Opa.

Alkaios likes his Opa's, he also wrote Opa Opa for Eurovision stars Antique (With Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou). It was their first hit in 1999.

Belgium FL top 50: 40, -
Finland top 20: 20, -

- versions -
Opa - Eurovision version - at ERT, promo, ♫
Opa - Eurovision Karaoke - at ERT
Opa - Original version - on Vodafone promo CD
Opa - Club Mix by Friends
Opa - Summer Mix by DJ Smastoras
Opa - Hell Mix

Hebrew coverversion
Omer Adam (עומר אדם) has released a coverversion of Opa (הופה). It's released on the album Names Mimekh (Melting because of you) which also includes a remix of the track.  
Watch the official video at Youtube and the remix here.

Links and sources:
Giorgos Alkaios website (in Greek)
Giorgos Alkaios MySpace
You can listen to the (remaining) songs of the Greek selection here at ERT.
ERT's Eurovision pages in Greek and English. (links keep changing)
Greece in 2009

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