Sunday, May 30, 2010

14 Israel - Milim - Harel Skaat

14 - 71 pts / 8 - 71 pts in semi 2
IBA (Israeli TV) have selected Harel Skaat (הראל סקעת) to to be their representative in Oslo. The song Milim (Words) is chosen in the four-song national final (K'dam).
Ther winning song is written by Tomer Hadadi and Noam Horev.
You can listen to the selection songs including Milim at Harel's Youtube channel and here at Ynet.

A new is recorded for Eurovision, it has some new vocals and added orchestra. You can hear this in the official video at Harels Youtube channel.

A 4 track CD with all K'dam (Israels preselection) tracks is available since 15-03. It's on the Aroma label and will be available through Aroma shops only. (Aroma NMC 0330545-2)

The Oslo promo cds features five versions of Milim:
Milim - Eurovision edit
Words - English
Il Restera Ses Mots - French
Milim - Mash and Droub remix (radio )
Milim - Instrumental

Mash & Droub
The Mash and Droub remix on the promo cds is a short radio version (3:08). A longer remix (5:31) can be found on the Mash & Droub collection CD Do Re Mix.
You can listen to both remixes here at Pathiphon.

The official CD features a version of Milim similar to the first version but with some more backing vocals, and the piano intro appears to be cut by a second or two. It's just the first two piano plonks that are cut of, and quite nastily. I don't know if it's intentional or careless, but I can imagine the CD buying public would have appreciated the full version.
tracks on the cd:
Away - לאן - Le'an
Closer- להתקרב - Lehitkarev
Towards You - אליך - Elayich
Words - מילים - Milim

- versions -
Milim - Eurovision version
Words - English
Il Restera Ses Mots - French*
Milim - Mash and Droub remix (radio 3:08)
Milim - Mash and Droub remix (5:31
Milim - Instrumental
Milim - Original version on K'dam cdsingle
Milim - Version on ♫
Milim - Demo version (has only been on the net)
* The lyrics to the French version are written by Eurovision winner Anne Marie David.

Special thanks to Lior.

Harel Skaat Homepage
Harel Skaat Youtube Channel
Harel Skaat MySpace
Israel in 2009

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