Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slovenia - Narodnozabavni Rock - Roka Žlindere & Kalamari

16 - 6 pts in semi 2
Roka Žlindere and Kalamari have won the EMA (Slovenian national final) with Narodnozabavni Rock (Folk Rock....).
Roka Žlindere is a folk group and Kalamari a rock band and they teamed up for this years EMA.
The song is written by Marino Legović and Leon Oblak.
You can listen to the studio version of the song here (scroll down a bit) (new link)

The original version can be found on the EMA CD (see below), a version with (some) newly recorded instruments was recorded and included on the cds and Oslo 2CD.

RTVS have issued a cdsingle with no less than nine verions of the Eurovision entry. (RTVS 111693)
Narodnozabavni Rock - Slovenian version ♫
Native Folk Rock - English version
Oberkrainer Rock 'n' Roll - German version
Narodnozabavni Rock - Turbo Harmonika Remix
Narodnozabavni Rock - Turbo Remix
Oberkrainer Rock 'n' Roll - Turbo Harmonika Remix
Oberkrainer Rock 'n' Roll - Turbo Remix
Narodnozabavni Rock - Karaoke
Narodnozabavni Rock - Instrumental
plus The video of the EMA performance
plus Multimedia section with bio's and photos
Listen to one of the mixes here at RTVS.

Roka Žlindere will have their third album Del Scra out on EMI since june 1st. It has 12, mostly self written new songs and the Eurovision entry as a bonus track..
Listen to some of the tracks here at their website.

In good tradition RTVSLO have released the a CD with all the national final songs. 21 songs of course including the winner. (Sazas 111631)

Ansambel Roka Žlindere Homepage
Kalamari website

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