Sunday, May 30, 2010

10 Ukraine - Sweet People - Alyosha

10 - 108 pts / 7 - 77 pts in semi 2
Alyosha, (Alyona Kucher) (Альоша, Алеша, Алена Кучер) won the new national final in Ukraine with the song To Be Free. But since that song wasn't eligible for Eurovision (see below) Alyosha finally ended up singing Sweet People at the Oslo Eurovision stage.

Alyosha now has opened a website Alyosha Mission. You can read about her plight to the world and the environment and also download Sweet People.
Watch and listen here at Eurovision Ukraine.

Sweet People is issued on a 1 track promo cdsingle (top picture), only one version has been released officially so far ♫.
A new version can be found on Foxxstudios Soundcloud, but I don't think there's an official release.

Switzerland top 75: 73

To Be Free Or Not To Be Free
Alyosha won the 2nd national selection hastily organized in Ukraine after a change in the broadcasters board and general dissatisfaction with the already chosen song by Vasyl Lazarovich. Alyosha's winning song was To Be Free, but that turned out to not be eligible for the 2010 contest.
Several Alonya songs are at Ourstage, where the To Be Free has been uploaded April 2008. This clearly breaks the Oct. 1 rule.
It was released on the 6 track album Tears Of Love, out since 2008 (in Moldova). The song is also at the MySpace of 'Alonya', and it's been there since before may 2009.
To Be Free was recorded in Kyiv in 2007. (source:

No More I Love You's
Vasiliy (Vasyl) Lazarovich (Василь Лазарович) was originally selected by Ukrainian TV (NTU) to represent Ukraine in the 2010 Eurovision.
The song I Love You written by Brandon Stone and Olga Yarynich was selected in a 5 song national final.
But it was decided a new song had to be found for Eurovision.

Alyosha's Mission
Vasyl Lazarovich homepage
NTU Eurovision pages
Ukraine in 2009

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