Sunday, May 30, 2010

Croatia - Lako Je Sve - Feminnem

13 - 33 pts in semi 2
Girl trio Feminnem have won the Croatian national final with Lako Je Sve (Everything is easy).
The song is written by Branimir Mihaljević, Pamela Ramljak and Neda Parmać.
The current line up of Feminnem is Pamela Ramljak, Neda Parmać and Nika Antolos.
They have released their new album Lako Je Sve which includes the Eurovision song and recent hits like Chanel 5, Ovisna and Sve Sto Ostaje. (Croatia records 5885542, out now)

update An English language version of the album is out now. It's titled Easy To See and includes the Croatian version of their Eurovision song as a bonus track.
The digital release through DA Records is available at iTunes and Amazon

Lako Je Sve can also be found on the Dora 2010 CD, with all 24 national final songs.

The promo cd includes six versions:
Lako Je Sve
Easy To See - English
Ljehko vsjo  - Russian
Semplice - Italian
Lako Je Sve - Instrumental
Lako Je Sve - Karaoke
plus video
(Croatia Records CD EPP 5896487)

XMag, online Showbiz magazine have premiered the English, Italian and Russian versions of Lako Je Sve. You can listen here
The planned remix of the song doesn't seem to have materialezed yet..

Listen to the original Lako Je Sve at the Croatia Records Myspace
Feminnem at BeaRecords
Feminnem already entered the contest in 2005 when they represented Bosnia Hercegovina with the song Call Me.
In 2009 they ended 3rd in the Croatian preselection (Dora) with Poljupci U Boji (Coloured kisses)
In 2007 they ended 9th in Croatia with Navika (Habit)

Call Me
Call Me was a song celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest. The videoclip and artwork were a pastiche on ABBA.
Feminnem, then in a slightly different line-up (Ivana Marić preceded Nika Antolos) recorded their entry in English, Bosnian, Turkish, Danish, German and Spanish for the promo kit. Bosnian and English were released on the CD The Feminnem Show.
Call Me ended 14th in the final and didn't have to go through the semi.

All the songs from the national final are now downloadable here at HRT
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Croatia in 2009

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