Sunday, May 30, 2010

7 Armenia - Apricot Stone - Eva Rivas

7 - 141 pts / 6 - 83 pts in semi 2
Armenia selected Apricot Stone by Eva Rivas (Եվա Րիվաս) as the entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The song is written by Armen Martirosyan with lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan.
A new version is recorded for Oslo. You can watch the new version video at the official site.
A remix and instrumental (remix) are available from OGAE Armenia.

An early home made style promo cdsingle, used for the national final has the first version.
A two track promo has the new version and the G Radio Remix.

Switzerland top 75: 54, -

- versions -
Apricot Stone - Eurovision version ♫
Apricot Stone - Original version
Apricot Stone - G Radio Remix
Apricot Stone - Remix instrumental
Apricot Stone - Karaoke
Apricot Stone - Karaoke of original, with strings replacing main vocals

It's the 6th time Karen Kavaleryan writes the English lyrics for a Eurovision entry.
He contributed to Northern Girl (Russia 2002), Never Let You Go (Russia 2006), Work Your Magic (Belarus 2007), Anytime You Need (Armenia 2007), Shady Lady (Ukraine 2008) and Peace Will Come (Georgia 2008)

Eva Rivas Homepage has Apricot Stone and other songs.
Eva Rivas Live Journal has video of the song. And on a photo she even shows us the promo cd!
You can listen to Apricot Stone here.
ARM TV's Eurovision pages
Listen to the national final songs at ARM mp3
Armenia in 2009

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