Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slovakia - Horehronie - Kristina

16 - 24 pts in semi 1
Slovakia have selected Horehronie by Kristina (Peláková) as the entry for Oslo.
After a multi show - 60 song selection extravaganza the song written by Martin Kavulič and Kamil Peteraj has won the national final.

You can listen to Horehronie at Kristina's Myspace, which also has a video of the acoustic version of the song.

Horehronie is released on a cdsingle on the H.o.M.E label, it has 7 versions of the Eurovision song plus 4 of  another song, Stonka.
cd single
The cds has the following versions
1. Horehronie - Radio Edit (3:00) ♫
2. Horehronie - Extended (4:40)
3. Horehronie - Acoustic Version (4:01)
4. Horehronie - KaMa Remix Radio Edit (3:41)
5. Horehronie - KaMa Remix Extended (6:35)
6. Horehronie - CJ Macintosh and Mambo DJ Sirius Club Remix (6:40)
7. Horehronie - Karaoke (3:00)
(H.o.M.E. Productions HO 0040-5-331)
Specials thanks to Tom K. for the info.

STV have also issued a promo. It is a CD / DVD pack. The cdsingle has 1 track, the DVD has video, info and lyrics.

Horehronie was a #1 hit in the Slovakian charts.

update: October 18. Kristína's new album V Sieti Ta Mám is released in Slovakia. The album includes Horehronie.
A special digipack edition also includes the acoustic version.
The album also includes previous hit Stónka and Kristina's new #1 hit V Sieti Ta Mám (the title track). Both editions are out on Universal.
Kristina's Myspace
Kristina's Website
or listen at (all songs)

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