Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lithuania - Eastern European Funk - Inculto

12 - 44 pts in semi 2
Lithuania have chosen Inculto with Eastern European Funk as the 2010 Eurovision entry.
It's the third try for Inculto in the Lithuanian national selection. in 2004 they got stuck in a semi with You Don't Know and in 2006 they ended 2nd in the final with Welcome (To Lithuania).

M.P.3 records have issued a cd with several versions of Eastern European Funk.
The mini album will be released in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. In Lithuania is is for sale at Maxima supermarkets and at gas stations. There will also be a digital release.
Full tracklist:
01. Eastern European Funk ♫
02. Keep on Dancing
03. Sabroso
04. Welcome to Lithuania (Live)
05. Eastern European Funk (Acoustic)
06. Eastern European Funk (2Foxy Rmx)
07. Eastern European Reggaeton (Morlenka Remake)

Eastern European Funk (Official Video)
Eastern European Funk (Live at ESC National Final)
Keep on Dancing (Live in Studio)

The same tracks are on a promo for Oslo (M.P.3 - -22CD), but the disc comes in a different sleeve (below).

- versions -
Eastern European Funk - preselection / Eurovision version / Radio edit
Eastern European Funk  - Acoustic
Eastern European Funk - 2Foxy Rmx
Eastern European Reggaeton - Morlenka Remake
- above four on cds and promo cds
Eastern European Tekk - Aligardo RMX
- on album Closer than you think
Eastern European Funk - original demo version
- has been available at Eurodienas and other websites.
Eastern European Funk - 8bit instrumental
- on Inculto's website, but it's actually a coverversion not made Inculto themselves

Special thanks to Astrid and Guri at Good Evening Europe and to Inculto.

update: Closer Than You Think
Inculto have finished their new ska/funk album Closer Than You Think (M.P.3-024CD) and it should be out now. The album includes Eastern European Funk and a new remix Eastern European Tekk (Aligardo RMX).
I don't know yet about the CD, but the digital version is available at several sources like Mediamarkt, CDON and emusic.

On the Inculto Website you can now download a glorious 8bit version of Eastern European Funk.

Inculto's MySpace
Check out Inculto's Frype for E.E.F. and other music.
Inculto at BeaRecords
More info on the selection at
You can find the latest news on the Lithuanian selection at Eurodiena.
Artist / song info and most audios are here .

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