Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Latest At The Oslo Collection

Moldova: Olia Sunstroke 2017 updated ***  France: Jessy #1, Elektro Soukouss, remix 2014  *** Poland: versions updated *** IsraelMilim versions sorted (again) *** Greece: Opa Remixes, best of, hell mix *** Serbia: Oye Balkañeros! Gypsy Kings meet Bregovic for coverversion *** Germany2011: new live Satellite, 2012: Casanovas cover *** Netherlands: Sha La Lie , Swiss Mundart coverversion by Jessica Ming*** Iceland: Club Mixes + CatCat finally release Finnish cover of Hera Björk song ***  Finland updates on remix release *** Turkey: maNga 2012 album, new acoustic version ***  Azerbaijan: Tripf Tropf coverversion ***   Denmark more coverversions ***  Belgium: 1 year later Tom Dice in French charts ***
Sweden: Coverversion by Dynazty *** Latvia Finnish cover version *** Lithuania: Inculto CD and new remix ***     Macedonia: Coverversion! + Billy Zver album ***  Ireland: Afrikaans/Zulu cover *** United Kingdom: Almighty Club Cover, We Love SAW ***    Russia: Listen to Nalitch album and Pay for it! *** Norway: Didriks Guilty Pleasures*** Slovakia: Kristina new album *** 2011 The Düsseldorf Collection launched ***  Romania: Make Your Own remix  ***   Intervalact Madcon cdsingle out now *** Croatia: English album out now ***   
Azerbaijan: Safura single, album out now *** Slovenia: Album out now *** Estonia: Album out now *** 
Spain CD, Swing Jazz version ***  Georgia  Sofia cdsingle ***   Cyprus: cdsingle *** Armenia: remix, website *** Ukraine: Alyosha's mission ***  Bosnia-Hercegovina: download ESC version *** Albania: promo info ***  
 Portugal: website, listen x2 ***   Belarus: tracklist, website *** ***  Karaoke versions out now ***    ***   Bulgaria updates *** Eurosong News Handbook out now *** Sweden: Remixes, signing tour, gold album ***  Malta: cdsingle out now! ***
Switzerland: cdsingle out now, English and German versions ***

Special thanks to Bea De Vrind, Rick Veldhuijsen and the readers, artists, broadcasters and recordcompanies who supplied information and material. Special thanks to Lior for the many updates and corrections.

The Oslo Collection is brought to you by The Eurovision Collectors Guide. Please feel free to use any of the information gathered here, however, a link to The Oslo Collection would be appreciated.

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